New Beginnings

Once a quarter (or so) we try and spend a period of time in Australia, to check on the market and immerse ourselves in the great land of red clay, bustling cities and bikini clad beaches.

It's a world away from the farm although refreshingly, we find that most people we meet along the way 'get' and love our products.

As we were telling some people today about how Anathoth Farm started, they said "that's all your customers know that?" and we're not sure you all do!?

Our impossible to pronounce brand name Anathoth (arn-a-tot) Farm has a simple story. When you relay it, people start to see and understand us, our origins and our values on a new level. Anathoth means 'answered prayer' or 'new beginnings'.

The original owner found himself in a predicament. He had a run-down raspberry farm and his options seemed to be drying up. He had an idea. He realised he needed to turn the fruit into money, thereby making jam seemed perfect. Bravely he forged ahead making delicious jam by the traditional and universal recipe which was simply half fruit and sugar. It was that simplistic approach which makes the best tasting jam.

Anathoth RAspberry Jam.jpg

The same approach and the same recipe we still use 28 years later. He decided to sell the jam at the local flea market and quickly found success. That early success quickly led to demand in supermarkets which led to Anathoth raspberry jam becoming the best selling jam in NZ. And so....Anathoth became his answered prayer.

And here we find ourselves today, retelling the story, a couple of decades on in our neighbouring land of opportunity, where a sales guy says to us "that is a great yarn which your customers must love".

We feel pretty lucky to be able to retell the journey of one mans hardship which has become another mans future.

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Aug 12, 2015


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