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An award winning relish, Sweet Chilli Relish has a rapidly increasing fan base in Australia. Here is what you told us


          I've been a jam fan of yours for some time. Just tried your Sweet Chilli Relish in my curry - add a small spoonful is enough, it gives a slight sweetness (hence only a spoonful) & relishy piquancy to round out the other spices. --- David


          Just purchased your Sweet Chilli Relish today at Coles and it's half gone already! We love it and will certainly be on the lookout for your other products on the next shop. --- Yvette, AU


          Sweet Chilli Relish is truly a delicious product, it is simply the best I have ever tasted. I am almost through the jar in less than a week. --- Adrian, AU


          I have to tell you, I've been a big fan of your jams and chutneys for many years.  But really, you've hit the big time on your Sweet Chilli Relish. I'm puttin' it on everything,,,  fritters, in my lasagne, on toast with cheese - and just now, a little blob in the middle of a cut-open avocado - divine. Keep up the great work!!  Lovin' it. --- Heather


CLICK HERE for more information on our Anathoth Farm Sweet Chilli Relish including nutritional table and recipe ideas.

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Sep 30, 2014


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