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Torn between slathering Anathoth Farm Lemon Curd thickly on toast or eating it straight from the pot. Here's what you've told us:


"I am an insane lemon fan and just recently discovered Anathoth Farm Lemon Curd. I am an avid believer we do far to much complaining to companies and forget to complement, so I'm making the time to email you to tell you how much I am in love with your Lemon Curd!!!! I have it with everything I can get away with. It has the best flavour of any curd I have tried and its so smooth and creamy. Its just amazing." --- Anna   

"Just wanted to say that your lemon curd is overwhelmingly yummy!" --- Chris

"Finally - The best made Lemon Curd I have tasted, great tangy flavour, real lemon bits, fantastic texture, value for money...and I can't resist a spoonful of it as a treat, right now as I type even!!.... had to comment as been trying to find something like this for ages! Thanks Anathoth!!"  --- Joline

"I have just discovered your Lemon Curd. I will never bother making my own again. Delicious!" --- Jan

"Lemon Curd, yummy! Just like to say we love your product (makes us feel homesick for NZ). Make my own but yours is definitely up there at the top. Would also love to say we loved the NZ scene on the seal. Wonderful." -- Shez and Barb, homesick expats

"Lemon Curd absolutely fabulous & almost identical to my grandmother's recipe for Lemon Butter!! I give you FULL MARKS." --- Cheryl, AU

"Anathoth Farm products are truly the only chutneys and jam I buy. Today I bought Lemon Curd and I keep eating it with a teaspoon it's so yummy." --- Elaine

"I have just tried your Lemon Curd (well actually I am on my second pot). It is absolutely delicious. Keep it coming!" --- Juliet

"I have tried all the Lemon Curd products out there, none like what I remember as a kid, then yours (new recipe), awesome, delicious, rich and textured as it should be." --- Paul, AU

"Your Lemon Curd and Raspberry Jam are to die for. That is the best Lemon Curd I've had, and I should know I'm a Lemon Curd devotee." --- Ruth

"Love your products. Pure ingredients, no 'addeds', fits with my philosophy of food.  We buy only your jams and to my delight I found your Lemon Curd the other day.  We tried it tonight and I'll never bother making myself it again.  I feel so passionate about it I'd change supermarkets to buy your products. Well done: there are very few products I'd say that about!" --- Catherine, AU

"Oh my goodness! Just bought a "new recipe" Lemon Curd...amazing! Keep up the good work!" --- Liz

"Just taking the time to thank you for your "new recipe" Lemon Curd and let you know it's the best one I've ever tasted! I wouldn't normally do this - but it was THAT GOOD :) I hope my supermarket in Tasmania continues to stock it, much better than the available alternatives." --- Tony, TAS

"Some 55 years ago my Mum used to buy a product called "Lemon Butter" in a small glass jar that would become a drinking glass after the Lemon Butter was finished. It was really buttery, smooth lemon curd. It went off the market in the early 1980s and I have looked for something the same ever since.I was in Woolworths a couple of months ago and found your Lemon Curd. OMG, it is the same as I used to have all those years ago. I just wanted to say to you, "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" I know this sounds silly but I am in my element I love this and would recommend it to anyone who wants to try it, you will not be sorry. I hope it NEVER goes off the market in my lifetime." -- Robyn, AU

"I would like to congratulate you on your new recipe for Lemon Curd. The previous one was good but the new one is outstanding. Never again will I make my own lemon curd...no more grating for me. I love all things lemon so congratulations on a great product.  I aim at buying Australian made but not in this case." --- Barbara, QLD

"Usually I try and buy Australian made but since discovering Anathoth Farm Lemon Curd, it’s that or nothing.  Flavor wise it is so far ahead of anything on the market, true homemade taste. As well as a spread I also use the curd as a topping for ice cream and yoghurt." --- Jennifer, VIC

"I don't make a habit of doing this but when something needs to be said, I just have to say it. I am so disgusted that I will now have to be purchasing the Anathoth Farm Lemon Curd every shop. I do hope it will be there. I have never tasted anything so naughty and disgustingly delightful in my life!  The Lemon Curd takes me right back to when I was 8, I am 50 this year and have finally found the peeerrrfffect Lemon Curd, thank you, thank you. Keep up the fantastic work!" --- Karen, NSW

CLICK HERE for more information on our Anathoth Farm Lemon Curd including nutritional table and recipe ideas.

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Feb 11, 2015


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