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          I recently stayed with friends in Australia and every morning I had a piece of toast for breakfast with your Apricot Jam. I have never tasted such delicious shop-bought jam in my life. I bought a pot back to England with me but unfortunately I finished it this morning. I can not believe that shop bought-jam has only two ingredients. I only tried the apricot but saw Lemon Curd. I didn't dare buy it because I knew it would never see bread - only a spoon. ---  Carol UK


          I just wanted to let you know that my family ADORES your jams! Growing up, my family once lived in a South Australian country town...with an apricot tree in our back yard. The Apricot Jam you make tastes EXACTLY like the one my Mum made! I wish I could come and eat some of your apricots - straight off the tree! The apricots sold in shops never taste quite right! Keep up the great jam-making! Thank you so much for your awesome products. --- Anne-Marie, AU


         We bought our first ever tub of your Apricot Jam from Coles today. They had hidden it on the bottom shelf which usually means they are hiding something. FANTASTIC. We are sold and will try as many products as we can. Keep up the good work. --- Cris, AU


CLICK HERE for more information on our Anathoth Farm Apricot Jam including nutritional table and recipe ideas.


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Nov 05, 2014


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