Cheese Making with Omnom

Cheese and relishes go together like a dream. So when cheese maker Arlo from OmnomCheese invited us for a cheese making afternoon, it was hard to resist!

There is a first time for everything, therefore it was exciting when recently we were invited to make cheese for the first time with Arlo from Arlo is a Kiwi (we love her already!) now living in the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Having studied food science, she fell in love with the idea of making things from scratch and quickly discovered that she could whip up delicious creations to share ….and so fell into a new love of cheese making.

omnom boiling the halloumiA.jpg

Boiling the halloumi

omnom the pressed halloumi.jpg

Pressing the hallouimi

We were excited to learn that Halloumi (often spelt 'haloumi') was the chosen cheese of the day. A favourite in the office, lovingly referred to as the ‘squeaky cheese’ or the ‘cooked cheese’.  And so we started to learn about curd and whey (hail Miss Muffet) and the developing science around yield, proteins, precise cook times and measurements of cheese making. We were thankful that Arlo was mostly demonstrating and ‘doing the doing’ and we were part of an engaged group of foodies and food bloggers salivating, note taking, salivating, photo taking and eagerly awaiting our first taste of fresh, fried halloumi.

So after Arlo expertly boiled a mix of milk, calcium chloride & rennet, she then cut the curd, pressed the curd, let it set, boiled the finished halloumi, salted and herbed and then fried it; the team were ready with fork in hand, chutney and fresh salad prepared.

We oohed, aahed, and scoffed every last bit of that freshly made halloumi…much sweeter, less firm and less salted that your average store-bought halloumi – so much better than store-bought!

omnom goats cheese and spread.jpg

omnom salting the cheese.jpg
Salting the cheese

After the halloumi, we indulged in freshly made goats cheese or chevre…a perfect ingredient for the upcoming Summer season.

...and if you are brave enough do indulge in some cheese making yourself.  Arlo makes it approachable, much less of a mystery – visit her at…nom, nom, nom!

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Dec 10, 2014


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