Signs of Spring on the Farm

We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Summer on the farm...but it's taking some time to trust whether the Spring weather is here to stay or not! 

Recent cold snaps have delivered a sprinkling of snow on the tops of the Four Peaks mountain range, so it’s been a delight to realise there are some signs of Spring on the farm;

The lambs need feeding; the three orphan lambs have finally dropped down to two feeds a day – thank goodness!  For a while we were reminded what it was like to have ‘newborns’ in the family. Myrtle was especially frisky on the bottle this morning. Clearly she was excited by the glorious sunny morning.

feeding the lambs.jpg

The king of the garden is patrolling his patch; the magpie that lives at the back corner of the garden is out each afternoon surveying his territory and making his presence felt!  We can’t help but think even though he portrays himself as a dominant ‘king’, he’d really melt for a mate.

Bunnies - cute or pesky? As the sun drops each afternoon, the bunnies start appearing on the fence line and bathe in the warm evening sun rays. Despite the menace they are to the land, just like us, they too are enjoying the first balmy evenings before someone shoo(t)s them!

late afternoon sun.jpg

The Nor’Wester makes itself known and is responsible for a drawn out bumpy plane landing at the airport but also drives our afternoon temperatures up above 20 degrees (warm for the Southern Alps!).  The Nor’Wester is also responsible for the baring of arms in t-shirts and the arrival of cycle pants on site as more bicycles are present in the staff ‘car park’.


And so we (and farm life) welcome and look forward to more settled warm weather and long balmy evenings on the farm!

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Nov 26, 2014


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