Introducing Sweet Chilli Relish to Australia

We are very proud of our latest creation from the farm. Sweet Chilli Relish has just recently hit supermarket shelves in Australia and it’s already got people talking.

It simply doesn’t disappoint.

A fabulous full flavour relish packed with tomatoes, a hit of chilli and a touch of green apple for natural sweetness, Sweet Chilli Relish is a perfect accompaniment for your cheese platters.

With no added preservatives, colours or flavours it’s perfect for everyday use; add it to pasta, stir frys and casseroles for a satisfying depth of flavour. Equally good as a pizza base and in toasties…in fact it’s great on top of everything.

Here's just a few recipes to help you SPICE UP YOUR PLATE!


Find it in the chutney section of your local Coles store. Many people have trouble finding the chutney section. Look for it beside the tomato sauce and underneath the mustards.

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Aug 04, 2014


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