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Here are  some recent messages we've received about our Anathoth Farm Raspberry Jam.  In your words...


          I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I have just tried your Raspberry Jam and without doubt it is the best we have ever tasted. I am 63 and my husband 73 and we love our jams. We have tried them from all over Australia, even homemade and from England. The taste is so fresh and not like a lot of them where the jam starts to go thick after being in the fridge awhile. The top is also a great idea because it's so easy to open whereas the tin tops seem to seal too tight and if you have arthritis in your hands like we have, almost impossible to open. --- Liz, AU


          Good morning. I've just tried your Raspberry Jam and I'm able to confirm that YES it is the best jam in the world. Best I've had in over 50 years. Congratulations on a great product. --- Jeff, NSW


          I recently discovered your products, I like Raspberry Jam and could not find one that was not solid.  I found yours on the bottom shelf at Coles and enjoyed it very much, have since tried Strawberry Jam and Lemon Curd and like them to, next to try is a marmalade, do not change the recipes. --- Howard


          I just want to take the time to tell you how much I love your Raspberry Jam, and I love how it’s done with no additives, that's the way jam is meant to be. Your jam is the only one I will be buying now, and been telling everyone how good it is. --- Sean


          Just wanted to send a BIG 'thank you' for producing such a delicious product. Being able to buy your jam in Australia now is fantastic. Love the philosophy, love the taste – it’s the only jam in our household and my morning isn't the same without my Anathoth Raspberry Jam on toast!! --- Leighanne


          This is the first time I've ever bothered to send a message or letter about a product. I just want to say that I am a true jam connoisseur, I really, really love your jam. I was buying another brand that make gourmet jam here but yours is better. I buy it at Woolworths in Sydney and we eat about a tub and a half a week between the four of us....anyway, don't change! We are big fans. -- Linda, SYD


          I felt I had to write to you to congratulate you on your wonderful jams. I have always made my own, but due to the difficulty in obtaining the fruit in recent years, I have been attempting to find a good product amongst the well known brands with dismal results. Several months ago I noticed your product in our local Woolworths supermarket and I couldn't believe my eyes. You quote... "tastes just like home made" and on trying it, it tasted exactly like the one I've always made. -- Lyn, TAS


CLICK HERE for more information on our Anathoth Farm Raspberry Jam including nutritional table and recipe ideas.


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Jul 01, 2014


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Raspberry Jam

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