Our Pot

New technology pot

Well, it’s taken us many years and an international search to find a solution, but we’ve done it.

After receiving hundreds of letters, phone calls and emails asking us to improve the lid, we’ve finally found a pot that is easy to open, easy to reseal and is tamper evident. Like all things new it will no doubt take a bit of getting used to, but you won’t cut your finger when breaking open the tamper evident tag or break your nails opening the lid!

Our unique new pot is made using innovative technology from Sweden and we are proud to be the first to use this technology in the Southern Hemisphere.

Pot improvements

Twist Lid

Our new pot features a twist top lid which is easy to twist open and twist shut again each time you use it.

We've replaced the “push-on” lid that stuck on so well that it sometimes broke fingernails getting it off!


Tamper Proof

Our old, hard to break, plastic tamper tag has been replaced with an easy-peel foil seal. The new pot contains a little less jam or chutney as we can no longer brim fill - we must avoid splashes which upsets the foil seal. After years of conversations about improving our lids, we didn’t think you would mind.

Oxygen Barrier

For our pickles, relishes, chutneys and curds this clever new pot comes with oxygen barrier labels which protect the chutney inside. This means these products will have a longer shelf life and will stay brighter and fresher tasting for longer.