We love what we do and while a lot has changed since we started in 1987 we still have a simple goal: we just want to make great tasting jams and chutneys that people love

Same Pot, Same Makers, New Name!

Anathoth Jams were first sold in the Nelson Saturday Markets in the 1980's and the traditional home-made jams were soon picked up by local supermarkets. As demand grew, Anathoth attracted nationwide exposure on the Made in NZ TV documentary and Peta Mathias’ Taste TV show.

In a matter of 10 years the flagship Anathoth Raspberry Jam had become the best selling jam in New Zealand. But after achieving great success with his 'home-made' jams, the founder brought other investors into his business and ultimately he moved on to new things. Several years later we were approached and the end result was that Anathoth Jams shifted farms! They found a new home on the corner of our original Barker family farm which is also in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand!

The unique plastic tubs have always set Anathoth Jams apart. More recently we added a foil seal with a beautiful picture of our view, the view from the factory on our Geraldine farm where Anathoth Farm jam is now made. 

The Barker family in New Zealand sees itself as the custodian of traditional jam making practices. We have been processing fruits on the corner of our family farm for 48 years, making speciality jams since 1990 and for the past 10 years, we’ve been making Anathoth Farm jams too. Long story short, it’s the same pot, same makers but now sold under the Barker’s New Zealand brand in Australia.

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