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How to glaze a ham

Glazing a ham is easy and can add flavour and finesse to your dish. Create your own festive glazes using jams and marmalades, and learn some easy steps to prepare, decorate, baste and cook ham.

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New Beginnings

Our impossible to pronounce brand name Anathoth (arn-a-tot) Farm has a simple story. When you relay it, people start to see and understand us, our origins and our values. Anathoth means 'answered prayer' or 'new beginnings'. READ MORE

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We are delighted to advise we have an extended range of jams and pickles now available for Australia-wide delivery. You won't find the likes of Beetroot Relish and Quince Conserve in the supermarket, but you will find them in our online shop.

Simply pick-and-mix 4 or 6 Anathoth Farm jams and pickles and we'll dispatch it to you pronto. SEE ONLINE SHOPPING OPTIONS

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